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Welcome to the MSU Archaeology Laboratory



 Lab Policies and Procedures

MSUAL Library holdings.pdfMSUAL Library holdingsKit Wesler
History of MSU Archaeology Program Addendum.pdfHistory of MSU Archaeology Program AddendumKit Wesler
MSUAL Lab Manual 2012.pdfMSUAL Lab Manual 2012Kit Wesler
MSUAL Curation Guidelines.pdfMSUAL Curation GuidelinesKit Wesler
Archaeology Lab readme.pdfArchaeology Lab readmeKit Wesler
MSUAL NAGPRA inventory 2013.pdfMSUAL NAGPRA inventory 2013Kit Wesler
A Tour of the Archaeology Lab.pptxA Tour of the Archaeology LabKit Wesler
Digitization and the Murray State Archaeology Lab part 2.pdfDigitization and the Murray State Archaeology Lab part 2Kit Wesler
Archaeology Lab mission.pdfArchaeology Lab missionKit Wesler
MSUAL System Developer Documentation.pdfMSUAL System Developer DocumentationKit Wesler
MSUAL System Functional Requirements.pdfMSUAL System Functional RequirementsKit Wesler
Archaeological Services Center.pdfArchaeological Services CenterKit Wesler
Digitization and the MSU Archaeology Lab.pdfDigitization and the MSU Archaeology LabKit Wesler
History of MSU Archaeology Program.pdfHistory of MSU Archaeology ProgramKit Wesler


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